Apple Sold 8 Of The Top 10 Best-Selling Phones Of 2022


The top 10 best-selling smartphones of 2022 Counterpoint Apple sold […]

Apple sold the best-selling phone of 2022, the iPhone 13. Apple also sold the second-best selling phone of 2022, the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Apple also sold the third, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth best-selling phones of the year, according to new data from research firm Counterpoint. That’s despite three of those phones only being available for four months of the year.

It’s the first time a single brand has ever captured eight of the top 10 spots in the best-selling smartphone list, Counterpoint says.

The only other company to crack the top-10 list was Samsung. Samsung’s Galaxy A13 ranked fourth, while its Galaxy Ao3 ranked 10th.

Top 10 phones by sales in 2022

  1. Apple iPhone 13
  2. Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max
  3. Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max
  4. Samsung Galaxy A13
  5. Apple iPhone 13 Pro
  6. Apple iPhone 12
  7. Apple iPhone 14
  8. Apple iPhone 14 Pro
  9. Apple iPhone SE 2022
  10. Samsung Galaxy A03

Counterpoint says marketshare will increase for these phones in 2023 as Apple, Samsung, and other smartphone brands focus on clearing out inventory and optimizing product launches.

“For the first time, a Pro Max variant of an iPhone series drove more volume than its Pro and base models,” Counterpoint says.

“The iPhone 14 Pro Max sales were led by early adopters and those upgrading to a higher iPhone variant. Major advancements in the iPhone 14 Pro series, such as dynamic island and faster processor, make it more attractive, as the base model is almost identical to the previous year’s model.”

It’s important to note that it’s only possible for Apple to capture so many places on the top 10 best-selling phones list because it is the only manufacturer of iPhones, which approach 50% market share with Android-based smartphones in some wealthy nations, while taking just over a quarter of global market share: 27.6% according to Statista. In addition, many Android phone manufacturers such as Samsung spread their market share over significantly more models, meaning Apple’s overall market share is more concentrated for each model of iPhone it sells.

Still, it’s a significant accomplishment.

These 10 top phones account for 19% of global sales volume, according to Counterpoint. There were around 3,600 distinct models of smartphones available for sale globally in 2022, the company says, down from the 4,200 available in 2021. Very likely, that trend will continue as the smartphone industry continues to mature and consolidate.

About 1.6 billion phones were sold in 2021.

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