Innovative glove patent, new bikes and technical cross-country – the tech news of the week


From game-changing wearables to the thrill of technical cross-country racing, this […]

From game-changing wearables to the thrill of technical cross-country racing, this week’s tech roundup is a whirlwind of innovation and launches. We’ve spotted the ‘Active Device Glove’, and explored RockShox’s upgraded Vivid gravity shock and new bikes from YT Industries. Sit back and get up to date on the cycling tech stories of the week!

Innovative ‘Active Device Glove’ patent spotted

Active Device Glove patent hero

In our regular patents scan, we’ve found this interesting glove invention from Richard D. Ward. They have crafted the ‘Active Device Glove’, a cycling glove that integrates wearable technology into easy access.

The patent suggests two primary methods of integrating the wearable device into the glove: attaching the device using a strap similar to a traditional watch strap, or embedding the device directly into the glove material. Either way, the glove is designed with devices such as Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active, and Fitbit in mind and the patent says the placement of the device on top of the hand also ensures direct skin contact, which enables accurate sensor readings. 

Active Device Glove patent

The placement effectively eliminates the need to navigate through layers of clothing to see the device’s screen, which could be an issue when mountain biking, or as the patent says, skiing, climbing, or golfing. 

Whether Active Device Glove will become a big hit on the markets, we cannot say, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled.  

RockShox updates its Vivid gravity shock

2023 rockshox vivid hero.jpg

RockShox has updated its Vivid gravity shock with a new TouchDown damper and increased service intervals to 100 hours from 50. Designed for downhill performance, the shock features the position-sensitive TouchDown damping system, aiming to provide initial forgiveness, mid-stroke support, and controlled damping. 

The shock’s air volume has now been increased for a more linear feel and improved small bump sensitivity. The update includes a wider range of rebound adjustments, and the Vivid comes in five models, starting at £750, with the Ultimate and DH Ultimate versions featuring different dampers. 

YT’s Izzo and Capra Uncaged 11 get the Ohlins treatment

2023 yt izzo uncaged 11 hero.jpg

YT Industries has introduced the Uncaged 11 series, enhanced with some Ohlins components. The Capra Uncaged 11 boasts a mixed-wheel enduro design with 170mm of travel, Ohlins RXF38M.2 fork, TTXM coil shock, and SRAM GX Eagle Transmission, all built upon the High Modulus carbon frame and Crankbrothers Synthesis Enduro carbon wheelset.

The Izzo Uncaged 11 features 130mm of rear travel provided by the Ohlins TTX1 air shock, and 140mm of front travel from the RXF36M.2 fork, and runs with SRAM GX Transmission. Both bikes roll on Maxxis tires, feature RockShox Reverb AXS dropper posts, and Race Face finishing kit. Prices are set at £5,300 for the Izzo and £5,500 for the Capra.

Do technical courses make for better cross-country MTB racing?

2023 uci world champ sco rock roll 2.jpg
2023 uci world champ sco rock roll 2.jpg, by Liam Mercer

Increasingly technical cross-country mountain biking tracks challenge riders’ skills and bikes. After the recent World Championships in Scotland, the conversation about them has been busy, and our Liam has taken a deep dive into exploring the effect techy courses can have in racing. Do they level the playing field or just add entertainment value, drawing in fans and creating excitement? 

Head over to the comments section to give us your two cents. 

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