Lenovo LOQ 16 reviewed: A capable gaming laptop at an affordable price


In our extensive test, the Lenovo LOQ 16 turns out to […]

In our extensive test, the Lenovo LOQ 16 turns out to be a capable gaming laptop with a high 3D performance of its RTX 4060. The input devices are very workable, the 16:10 QHD display with 165 Hz isn’t any worse than those of the Legion series, and otherwise the LOQ also does many things right.

It is a bit larger and heavier than the Legion, and Lenovo also makes do without any metal components, using only plastic here. But this hardly has any negative effects. The laptop continues to be robust and show good workmanship. Where Lenovo did make some cuts, is the equipment. For example, the LOQ doesn’t support Thunderbolt, but not every gamer needs that anyways.

We do have a small complaint about the fan behavior that could still use some optimization under load. The fans already start roaring at full volume under only medium load levels, at least in the Performance Mode. The Legion 5 Pro and the Legion Slim 5 remain significantly quieter here.

You cannot distinguish the more expensive models only by their performance anymore, and the LOQ does very well in our comparison, presenting an RTX 4060 at its best. All the tested games ran in Full-HD resolution and at maximum detail settings with more than 60 fps and often even with more than 100 fps. In more demanding games such as the newer Hogwarts Legacy, it was still sufficient for 44 fps in the native QHD resolution. In Full-HD, it was even possible to use raytracing effects in Ultra, and the game then ran at an average of about 40 fps.

For price conscious gamers, the LOQ 16 is definitely worth taking a look. You can find out about all the advantages and disadvantages of the gaming laptops in our review of the Lenovo LOQ 16IRH.

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