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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) – A massive fiber project in […]

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) – A massive fiber project in Colorado Springs took a huge step forward on Tuesday as Ting Internet announced their 2-gigabit fiber internet is now available in some Colorado Springs neighborhoods.

Click here to see if your address has access to the internet service. As of Tuesday, the service was available for neighborhoods in the northeast side of the city with full municipal access expected by the end of 2028.

The project was first announced in October of 2022 when Colorado Springs Utilities stated they were in the process of building out a city-wide, modern fiber network project. Construction on the first region started in September of 2022.

“The speed, reliability and security of this network enhances our city’s ability to attract and retain new businesses and jobs, support new educational opportunities and provide enhanced service for the space industry,” a post on the Colorado Springs Utilities website reads. “This network allows us to create an advanced, secure and efficient energy and water delivery system. This high-speed connectivity, paired with a smart grid, will allow for quick response to changing electric demand and provide access to smart devices, appliances and sensors. Additionally, we will invest any revenue from leasing fiber into system improvements for the benefit of our customers.”

The funding for the project is coming from Colorado Springs Utilities’ planned capital budget and lease payment from Ting Internet along with other network tenants. ADB Companies is building the fiber network as the initiative was projected to cost about $600 million as of October 2022.

“At Ting, we believe the internet is a crucial part of our day-to-day lives — it’s a utility like water or electricity. While other internet service providers may throttle the network to different levels as a pricing strategy, we don’t do that. If our network can support 2-gigabits, that’s what we’re giving our customers at one fair price,”says Deb Walker, Community Engagement and Public Affairs Manager, Ting. “As a resident of Colorado Springs, I’m proud to be a part of the team bringing this world-class offering to my own community and providing fiber internet service throughout our city.”

Ting is also reporting they will offer 2-gigabit symmetrical internet to all Colorado Springs residents who qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) at no cost to them. While currently only available in select markets, in time, Ting expects to roll out the 2-gigabit ACP offering to its markets across the country, making a tangible difference in bridging the digital divide by providing thousands of residents with access to fast, reliable internet at no cost.

CLICK HERE to find more information on availability for Ting in Colorado Springs.

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