Prism Software Releases Latest WorkPath Connect; A Low Cost, No-Code Data Integration Application


Enhancements continue Prism WorkPath Connect’s leadership role for low-cost RESTful […]

Enhancements continue Prism WorkPath Connect’s leadership role for low-cost RESTful API integrations

IRVINE, Calif., May 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — WorkPath Connect, a no-code data integration application by Prism Software, continues expanding its capabilities, ease-of-use, and value with its recent update v4.2.

(PRNewsfoto/Prism Software)

(PRNewsfoto/Prism Software)

WorkPath Connect; Low Cost, No-Code Data Integration Application by Prism Software

WorkPath Connect is a low-cost, rapid data integrator that enables organizations to connect different applications through their RESTful APIs. It is designed to seamlessly exchange data between different applications without having to utilize developers. Easily pass data between cloud and on-prem CRM, ERP, accounting, HR, ECM, shopping, payment, messaging, and other applications.

This update adds additional features that continue enabling a rapid and easy data transfer. Enhancements include refinements to its already-intuitive interface, quicker addition of multiple endpoints in a single session, and easier endpoint configuration and testing.

Prism WorkPath Connect is a module of Prism WorkPath, an advanced work process automation platform.

About Prism WorkPath: Prism WorkPath is a low-cost work process automation platform that eliminates organizations’ complex repetitive manual processes. WorkPath utilizes both RPA (robotic process automation) and ETL (extract-transform-load) capabilities enabling the rapid design and automation of intelligent and comprehensive work processes. WorkPath greatly reduces an organization’s costs by decreasing labor and substantially improving processing speeds.

WorkPath Standard is designed for document-centric work processes and WorkPath Advanced is for both data-centric and document-centric requirements. WorkPath Advanced includes a wider range of additional input, processing, and output capabilities. Inputs: Includes web pages, databases, JSON, HTML, and other data sources. Processing: Includes data extraction, correction, and validation. Additionally, it can map HTML web page data and perform data clean up. Outputs: Extensive integration with SharePoint, Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, Box, and more. This output includes file manipulations such as uploading, downloading, moving, deleting, renaming, and many, many more. Learn more at and

About Prism Software: Prism provides software solutions that greatly improve and automate how organizations get their work done while substantially lowering costs. Prism specializes in: ECM with work process automation, advanced work process automation, easy no-code REST API integrations and connections, advanced data capture, and automated business communications. Learn more at

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