Pros and cons of Linux and how to deal with HP laptop battery issues


Q: In spite of acquiring invested my whole vocation in tech, I have normally been a gradual adopter (aka cheapskate, privateness freak and cynic) in my individual tech routines. Every time I get a new computer system, I do so to some lessen-priced design that is staying phased out. I bought my initially Mac laptop computer in January 2007, and then replaced it with a late-2010 MacBook Air in 2014. I only use my personal computer for accessing the online, sifting by way of pics (ahead of storing offline), and some gentle spreadsheet perform or phrase processing (no new music, flicks, calendars, or game titles). 

My late-2010 MacBook Air is reaching its close game if I stick with Mac OS. I are unable to improve my Mac OS because of the vintage components. I am fastidious about online safety but, useless to say, I am worried about not becoming capable to acquire safety updates since of the vintage of my OS and browsers. 

Not long ago I went into a nearby Pc shop (sure, we have a single of individuals spouse and children businesses up below even now!), and the male operating it brought out a 2013 MacBook Air that he converted to Linux. I was intrigued and did some cursory study on line, and it appears I could go with Ubuntu Linux and squeeze a little additional lifestyle out of my MacBook Air. 

Knowledge migration would not be an difficulty I lately moved almost everything offline in 2021 when I experienced to update my Mac OS (so I only have some incremental information to migrate). I don’t know what I’d have to do with my Word and Excel files in a Linux surroundings, but I’m sure there are remedies. I am ignorant about Linux security. 

Could you inform me the professionals and disadvantages of likely Linux and keeping my 2010 MacBook Air?

Mike Joines, Anacortes

A: Yes, you can run Ubuntu Linux on MacBooks, even though it will require putting in virtual equipment software. Thankfully, there is UTM, a free of charge and open up-supply bundle that will do the career.

Ubuntu is also totally free and open supply. And from what I can notify it is at least as protected as Apple running devices.

Lastly, you can work with these Term and Excel data files in LibreOffice on Ubuntu.

That said, I be reluctant recommending moving from a familiar operating program to a new a person, specially if you are a slow adopter. Learning the ins and outs of new operating method, as perfectly as unique versions of the packages you are use to doing work with can be challenging. And although there is an active community of Ubuntu end users you can connect with on for help, you’re not likely to come across lots of neighbors, co-personnel or loved ones members who can offer you assistance if you run into a issue.

For my portion, certainly, out of curiosity I installed Ubuntu on a person of my personal computers a though in the past. And I was amazed with its capabilities.

But if you really do not have that curiosity I’d counsel carrying out a single of two things. My initial recommendation is to upgrade to a newer MacBook that continues to obtain safety updates. Secondly, if that is not an option you could continue on to use your aged MacBook but I’d urge you to be extra careful about clicking on one-way links and browsing web-sites that might not be honest. And, of program, on a regular basis again up any info you treatment about in circumstance you get hit with malware.

Q: I have an HP laptop computer that I bought from HP by using its web site. My challenge is that suddenly I am finding an error concept saying the battery is counterfeit. I acquired immediate so this should not be so. Is there a way that I can prevent this warning without going to a computer retail outlet?

Karen Schlemmer

A: This is a recognized issue that HP acknowledges, and they have delivered directions that ought to get rid of that mistake message. Essentially, you want to uninstall and then reinstall motorists that control the battery. You are going to discover thorough directions here: st.information/battery-aid.

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