Protect Your Internet Connection with This Decentralized VPN and Firewall Hardware


This portable device goes beyond a typical VPN. Entrepreneur Store, […]

This portable device goes beyond a typical VPN.

Deeper Network

For small businesses, cybersecurity is a more important priority than ever. Most small businesses probably couldn’t survive a significant data or financial breach. One of the most foundational security measures you can take is investing in a VPN. But VPNs come with some strings attached, like annoying subscription fees or unclear privacy policies. If you want a lifetime VPN solution that gives you comprehensive, uncompromising protection, it’s time to meet Deeper Connect Mini Decentralized VPN & Firewall Hardware.

Deeper Connect Mini is the world’s only Decentralized VPN (DPN) and cybersecurity hardware device. It integrates a seven-layer enterprise-grade firewall on top of the DPN to protect not just your browsing but all of your IoT devices. When you set it up, Mini enables a fully DPN with multi-routing, smart routing, and the ability to bypass geographical restrictions to access a truly open internet without sacrificing browsing speeds. And all of it is completely decentralized, is capable of blocking all ads, and gives you control over your encrypted data. User information is stored on your personal device so you can’t be hacked online.

Mini goes beyond a VPN to provide a remarkable array of security functions to keep you safe while working or playing online. Highly intelligent routing makes it next to impossible to track your movements online while the integrated firewall protects your device and filters out malicious traffic. For parents, you can utilize a one-click parental control to protect children from inappropriate or dangerous content on the internet. That’s taking the basic security services of a VPN, amplifying them, and then giving you even more security features on top.

Protect your browsing and devices with a one-time solution. You can get Deeper Connect Mini Decentralized VPN & Firewall Hardware for $349 for a limited time.

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