Broadlinc wireless internet access network enhanced, upgraded for service in Walton area


Enhanced and upgraded broadband world wide web support will start out flowing in Walton by new tools and engineering that Broadlinc has put in on an existing h2o tower.
Partnering with XtremeLTE, the project will empower Broadlinc to serve houses wherever broadband web is not available, and their latest company provider can not meet up with their requirements, or can be improved through Ericsson’s Significant-MIMO 4G-LTE/5G engineering.

“Broadlinc is extremely thrilled about the Walton project,” said Broadlinc Vice President of Sales Jamie Humphrey. “We are searching forward to bringing a trustworthy, client-very first knowledge to citizens of the Walton region.”

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All the worst Bay Area tech company behavior of 2022 so far


There’s no escaping the tech industry when you live in San Francisco, but ever since the beginning of the pandemic, it can feel as if the tech industry itself is trying to escape the city by the bay.

The theme of the past couple of years in Silicon Valley has largely been one of exodus, which continued this year with companies like Slack and Robinhood pivoting to remote work policies. The familiar perks that come with those offices are also slowly being put into question, with Meta doing away with laundry service and the architect behind Google’s campus speaking out   Read more