Tech company earnings reports expected to bring a flush of bad news | Technology sector


As top tech companies prepare to release their quarterly earnings reports starting next week, investors are bracing for bad news.

Several US tech companies have announced hiring slowdowns and layoffs in recent weeks, and the difficulties are expected to continue. “It’s not a great time for tech in general,” said Paul Verna, an analyst at Insider Intelligence, a market analysis firm. “There is no question that companies are going to be spending less, cutting back budgets, and maybe implementing hiring freezes. None of that is good news for the next quarter.”

Netflix, Meta, Google, Twitter and Tesla all have earnings

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Bad news about hiring trends in tech are ‘misleading’


Tech’s view on the global economy can be summed up in an email Elon Musk sent Thursday: “super bad feeling.”

This week, Musk announced Tesla (TSLA) will be laying off 10% of its staff.

Amid this downbeat outlook for economic growth, prospects for workers dimmed in some pockets of the business world. Musk’s comments follow JPMorgan (JPM) CEO Jamie Dimon’s pronouncement earlier this week that a “hurricane” is bearing down on the U.S. economy.

But in the view of one economist, this growing drumbeat of negative news from the tech sector offers a “misleading” picture of the U.S. labor market

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Google’s digital marketing course offers bad SEO advice


That uproar you hear? It’s SEOs calling out Google today. 

Google’s new Digital Marketing & E-commerce certification course, which was announced May 2, includes cringe-worthy SEO advice so shockingly bad that one of Google’s search advocates – Danny Sullivan – is disavowing it.

What happened. It all started with a tweet from international SEO consultant Gianluca Fiorelli. In it, he shared this screenshot of a slide discussing how to avoid keyword stuffing:

This is Google’s official advice from the course:

  • Write more than 300 words on your webpage.
    • Your webpage is more likely to be ranked higher in search engine
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