US Claims Breakthrough In Nuclear Fusion Tech That Can Bring It Closer To Harnessing Unlimited Energy


Researchers at the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) have made a breakthrough in nuclear fusion technology, pushing the goal of harnessing limitless energy closer to reality.

This latest development will make it easier to initiate and maintain nuclear fusion. Nuclear fusion is regarded as the “holy grail” of energy sources, and scientists have been working furiously to understand the mechanism that would enable them to harness it. 

Fusion, the energy that drives the sun and other stars, merges light elements to create hot, charged particles called plasma, producing enormous amounts of energy. 

The Princeton Plasma

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New internet provider to bring fiber network to the Duke City


Jul. 20—A new-to-the-market internet service provider says it is ready to reach into even the most underserved parts of Albuquerque through a new licensing agreement with the city.

Texas-based Vexus Fiber is venturing into New Mexico’s largest city this year with plans to spend $250 million on fiber-optic infrastructure for what officials call the city’s first “fiber-to-the-home” network.

Albuquerque leaders this week announced the new license agreement that will make Vexus the fourth company to provide home internet service in Albuquerque, one with plans to provide coverage throughout the 188-square-mile city.

“One of the tenets of our agreement with the

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Tech company earnings reports expected to bring a flush of bad news | Technology sector


As top tech companies prepare to release their quarterly earnings reports starting next week, investors are bracing for bad news.

Several US tech companies have announced hiring slowdowns and layoffs in recent weeks, and the difficulties are expected to continue. “It’s not a great time for tech in general,” said Paul Verna, an analyst at Insider Intelligence, a market analysis firm. “There is no question that companies are going to be spending less, cutting back budgets, and maybe implementing hiring freezes. None of that is good news for the next quarter.”

Netflix, Meta, Google, Twitter and Tesla all have earnings

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