There’s no joy in Windows laptops, claims MacBook-loving Google employee


Some Home windows laptops are lovely. Other individuals, significantly less so.


At work, feelings issue.

Not just in the way that bosses take care of workforce, and not just in the way staff deal with just about every other.

Inner thoughts about technological know-how are critical way too.

You stroll into a new career and explore a brilliant, shiny, point out-of-the-artwork laptop or computer on your desk. There is certainly that added buzz of excitement as you sit in your tiny cubicle. Or your tiny place together a very big desk.

This isn’t going to surface to be the

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US Claims Breakthrough In Nuclear Fusion Tech That Can Bring It Closer To Harnessing Unlimited Energy


Researchers at the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) have made a breakthrough in nuclear fusion technology, pushing the goal of harnessing limitless energy closer to reality.

This latest development will make it easier to initiate and maintain nuclear fusion. Nuclear fusion is regarded as the “holy grail” of energy sources, and scientists have been working furiously to understand the mechanism that would enable them to harness it. 

Fusion, the energy that drives the sun and other stars, merges light elements to create hot, charged particles called plasma, producing enormous amounts of energy. 

The Princeton Plasma

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The guy who leaked the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop is now warning about false claims about what it included

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When the New York Post first reported in October 2020 that it had obtained the contents of a laptop computer allegedly owned by Joe Biden’s son Hunter, there was an immediate roadblock faced by any other news outlet that hoped to corroborate the reporting, as many did: The newspaper wasn’t sharing what it obtained.

The national story quickly centered on the dubious provenance of the material, particularly given how, four years before, WikiLeaks had begun releasing material stolen by Russian hackers at about the same point in the presidential contest. But for news outlets interested

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