Retro-style computer features 5-inch round display, Framework laptop motherboard


After completing a DIY Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W handheld PC earlier this year, Penk Chen has designed another, rather odd but cool-looking, DIY computer. The “Mainboard Terminal” is a retro-style computer with a round display powered by the mainboard found in Framework modular laptop.

The computer has been tested to work with Ubuntu 22.04 out of the box with just a few configuration tweaks for the display, but other operating systems should also work considering the mainboard is based on an Intel Core  i5-1135G7, i7-1165G7, or i7-1185G7 Tiger Lake processor.

Ubuntu 22.04 retro computer round display

There are four main off-the-shelf electronics components:

DIY retro-computer framework laptop mainboard

So most

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