11 must-have kitchen gadgets from Amazon


Collecting and using kitchen gadgets is our superpower. Herb scissors? Check. Microplane grater? Check? Garlic press? Check.

Our kitchen drawers are filled with hand-held cooking tools. And there’s always room for more. We’re not alone. We know because we asked friends on Facebook’s NEO Foodies page. Using their favorites — and ours — we curated a list below of relatively new and useful tools to consider adding to your kitchen.

Gadgets air fryer cheat sheets

The air fryer cheat sheet can be used as a refrigerator magnet. Or expose the adhesive and attach to a non-magnetic surface. (Courtesy of Amazon)

We’re buying the Air Fryer

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The Day – Lee’s Kitchen: Putting kitchen gadgets to good use


I have a friend who lives in Noank and she asked me some time ago why she should keep her large Cuisinart. I literally blanched.

There are two reasons to keep your kitchen counter appliances. One, of course, is because you use them fairly often enough that you want them close to you. The second is perhaps you adore them, as I love mine, and consider them, if not as pets but as best friends in the kitchen.

On the other hand, if you have a terrific yet very small kitchen, sometimes things have to go.

I have just a

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Old kitchen gadgets – The Portugal News


I remember as a child, being allowed to stand on a stool in the kitchen ‘helping’ my mother with making pastry, covered in flour (and being allowed to actually have one of my pastry ‘shapes’ baked), or just rooting through her drawer of kitchen tools, and it made me think of how many of these old tools have stood the test of time, or could even be useful again.

Butter paddles were in her collection and were two wooden paddles with grooves cut lengthwise down each one. For special occasions, a block of butter would be cut up into small

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