Rogers executives to face hearing on massive network outage today


Rogers executives on Monday walked MPs through the chaos that unfolded earlier this month when what they called a “truly unprecedented incident” took down the “brain” of the company’s network.

The company’s new chief technology officer, Ron McKenzie, said it was a coding error that triggered the widespread network failure that knocked out service for millions of Canadians for more than 15 hours and left many customers unable to reach 911.

“(It) essentially (affected) the core of the network, the brain of the network, that supports all wireless, wireline, internal communications and connectivity,” McKenzie said. “It was a complete loss

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New internet provider to bring fiber network to the Duke City


Jul. 20—A new-to-the-market internet service provider says it is ready to reach into even the most underserved parts of Albuquerque through a new licensing agreement with the city.

Texas-based Vexus Fiber is venturing into New Mexico’s largest city this year with plans to spend $250 million on fiber-optic infrastructure for what officials call the city’s first “fiber-to-the-home” network.

Albuquerque leaders this week announced the new license agreement that will make Vexus the fourth company to provide home internet service in Albuquerque, one with plans to provide coverage throughout the 188-square-mile city.

“One of the tenets of our agreement with the

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2 Steps to Take if Your Device Isn’t Connecting to Your WiFi Network


Image source: Pixabay

You have just arrived home from work, are extremely tired, and want to watch one episode of your favorite show on Netflix. After switching on your Samsung TV, you realize that you cannot launch Netflix due to a network problem. 

Even though you have always done this, you are left wondering about what could be wrong. For some reason, your TV cannot connect to your WiFi network. What do you do? Should you contact your internet service provider?

Well, multiple reasons might lead to such a problem. Most of the time, the fix to this problem might

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MEXC Global lists $MYST by Mysterium Network a cryptocurrency to fight growing internet censorship worldwide


Switzerland – 14th July, 2022 – Major cryptocurrency exchange MEXC Global has listed $MYST token by Mysterium Network, the Swiss-based Web 3.0 company challenging the $30 billion VPN industry with its next-generation anonymity network. 

Trading of the MYST-USDT pairs opens at 12pm UTC on Thursday, July 14th, 2022.

The VPN market is estimated to reach more than $77 billion by 2026. With increasing censorship, shutdowns and surveillance online, over a quarter of the world’s internet users depend on a VPN for daily internet access. Most recently in Sudan, authorities cut off access to the internet to disrupt anti-government protests

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Massive network outage in Canada hits homes, ATMs and 911 emergency lines | Canada


A major outage of mobile and internet networks caused widespread disruptions across Canada on Friday, affecting banks, police emergency lines and customers in the second outage to hit one of the country’s biggest telecom providers in 15 months.

Customers gathered at coffee shops and public libraries to access alternate networks, while financial institutions reported problems with everything from automated machines to cashless payment systems.

Rogers Communications said its technical teams were working to restore services as quickly as possible.

The outage is likely to add to concerns about competition in the industry that is dominated by Rogers.

The company, which

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Holland voters to decide on building fiber internet network


HOLLAND, Mich. (WOOD) — The city of Holland is working to connect more people to high-speed internet.

In a unanimous decision, the city council voted to present a millage proposal on the Aug. 2 primary ballot. Voters will decide if they want to expand broadband internet.

“We’re not a city where there necessarily aren’t options but what we have found is sometimes those options are costly and that there’s not as much competition as our residents would like to see and it’s not as fast as our residents would like to see it,” City Manager Keith Van Beek said.

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