Numerous orgs hacked after installing weaponized open source apps


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Hackers backed by the North Korean federal government are weaponizing nicely-acknowledged pieces of open resource application in an ongoing marketing campaign that has now succeeded in compromising “a lot of” companies in the media, protection and aerospace, and IT companies industries, Microsoft explained on Thursday.

ZINC—Microsoft’s identify for a menace actor group also known as Lazarus, which is most effective regarded for conducting the devastating 2014 compromise of Sony Pics Entertainment—has been lacing PuTTY and other authentic open resource applications with highly encrypted code that eventually installs espionage malware.

The hackers then pose as job recruiters and link

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Microsoft rethinks rules on open source software apps in its Microsoft Store


Microsoft has revised the wording of its Microsoft Store policies after fears the previous wording would ban open source software developers from making profits from their apps on the store. 

Giorgio Sardo, general manager (GM) in the Experiences and Devices group at Microsoft and GM for the Microsoft Store, announced the changes today via Twitter concerning sections 10.8.7 and 11.2 of the Store policy document. These sections regard how much developers charge for apps and the copyright infringement reporting to Microsoft, respectively. 

The new wording for section 10.8.7 says: “In cases where you determine the pricing for your

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U.S. and Japan Embrace the Open Internet


A woman wearing using her mobile phone while walking across the Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo.


James Matsumoto/Zuma Press


Most Americans think of Japan as manufacturing world-class cars and consumer electronics. But Japan is also a tech-services superpower that encourages online commerce, embraces artificial intelligence, exports innovative video games, and works in partnership with the U.S. to revolutionize mobile connectivity.

As President Biden prepares to visit Tokyo this month, Japan and the U.S. should look beyond simple security cooperation. These allies should construct a deep digital partnership, increasing connectivity infrastructure while reducing dependence on China.

The Ukraine crisis shows

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