Solar Protocol network explores the potential of a solar-powered internet


Internet traffic is controlled by the “logic of the sun” in Solar Protocol, a solar-powered network whose creators argue for digital design within planetary limits.

Solar Protocol involves a series of solar-powered servers, set up in locations across the world’s time zones and serving its hosted websites from whichever spot is enjoying the most sunlight.

This subverts the typical operation of the internet, as usually when an internet user goes to access a website, their request is directed to whichever server gives them the quickest response — typically the one that is closest geographically.

Solar Protocol website showing an infographic of how the network works
The Solar Protocol website is one
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Heated debate over potential use of ShotSpotter technology in Durham ::


A heated debate at the Durham City Council budget meeting led to tears, even personal insults. The source of the controversy — a gunshot detection technology called ShotSpotter.

WRAL News has been covering stories about the possibility of ShotSpotter coming to Durham since at least 2019.

What’s different now is that ShotSpotter finally has enough support from Council that it is almost certainly on the way.

ShotSpotter is used around the country — with mixed reviews. Some claim the technology helped police seize guns and make arrests. Others say it is ineffective and leads

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