Scientists have made another step toward creating a quantum network


Scientists are working toward building the next evolution of computers: quantum computers. And recently, a team of researchers in the Netherlands made another step toward that future after they successfully sent quantum data to three locations in a network.

That development could lead to the creation of a quantum internet, an essential part of any future attempt to build quantum computing networks.

Cade Metz, a technology correspondent for The New York Times, wrote about this recent development.

Marketplace’s Kimberly Adams spoke with Metz about quantum computing, what makes the concept different from today’s computers and why this latest development with

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Researchers Develop a Quantum-Teleportation Network to Achieve “Quantum Internet”

Researchers Develop a New Quantum-Teleportation Network to Achieve "Quantum Internet"

To support future quantum internet applications that will enable intra- and even extra-planetary communications, researchers have developed a new teleportation-based, multi-nodal network. The research showed that when the quantum network is fully achieved, it can offer instantaneous speeds, “teleporting” information between nodes in a secure and private way. Check out the details below right now!

Researchers Demonstrate New Qubit Teleportation Network

In a recent edition of the Nature, researchers from the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands detailed the new teleportation-based qubit-transferring system that works between non-neighboring nodes in a quantum network. This is being considered the first

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