iPhone 6 accounts for more users than any other Smartphone study reveals


These phones were the most popular in 2021

The most prevalent cellphone brand names for each place

With the hottest Apple iphone shortly to be launched we took a look at the heritage of cellphones

UNITED KINGDOM, September 13, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Iphone 6 is the Most effective Providing Smartphone Ever

Apple’s eighth-technology product has offered the most models out of all other smartphones

The Iphone 6 (which includes the Iphone 6 Moreover) is the very best-selling smartphone of all time, offering 224 million models considering the fact that it was produced in 2014. The Iphone 6

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Study reveals the 20 most influential people in digital marketing | Digital


Dharmesh Shah, the founder and CTO of HubSpot, was crowned the most influential person in SEO and digital marketing with a staggering 1,036,649 Linkedin followers and over 296,000 Twitter followers.

The list was compiled by SaaS SEO agency, Rock The Rankings, who analysed social media to find the top 20 influencers for 2022.

Rank Influencer Twitter followers LinkedIn followers Number of Tweets Mentions (7 days) Engagement rate (%)
1 Dharmesh Shah  296,500  1,036,649  20,803  178  0.16 
2 John Rampton  1,257,792  45,454  38,277  141 
3 Pam Moore  285,548  348,243  134,776  11  0.72 
4 Danny Sullivan  533,000  261,623  78,888  442  0.02 
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