Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal Takes New Twist



Once dismissed as a Russian hoax, the explosive contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop, discovered in 2019, are now public record.

The laptop, with its trove of incriminating information, has been repeatedly confirmed as authentic. Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., underscored that legitimacy by entering the computer’s hard drive into the Congressional Record at a House Judiciary Committee hearing last week.

Gaetz’s move signaled that national security concerns raised by the incriminating laptop will likely become a GOP focus in upcoming election campaigns. The Florida legislator appeared to be laying the groundwork for such a scenario.

Republicans say the continuous trickle of

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Breakthrough Takes Us a Step Closer to Real-World Terahertz Technologies

Body Scanner Security Concept

Terahertz technology could enable advanced scanners for security, medicine, and materials science. It could also enable much faster wireless communications devices than are currently possible.

Scientists have discovered a new effect in two-dimensional conductive systems that promises improved performance of terahertz detectors.

A recent physics discovery in two-dimensional conductive systems enables a new type of terahertz detector. Terahertz frequencies, which lie between microwave and infrared on the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, could enable faster, safer, and more effective imaging technologies, as well as much higher speed wireless telecommunications. A lack of effective real-world devices has hampered these developments, but this

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Firewalla Purple Review: This Tiny, Pricey Box Takes Your Home Network to the Next Level



  • Outstanding parental controls
  • Support for gigabit speeds
  • Solid support for third-party VPNs
  • Relatively easy to setup and get started with
  • No monthly fees or subscriptions needed

Don’t Like

  • Expensive upfront cost
  • Intermediate and advanced features can be intimidating
  • App insights aren’t always easy to follow

Just slightly bigger than a deck of playing cards, the Firewalla Purple firewall device packs an awful lot into a tiny package. At $319, it definitely doesn’t come cheap. But if you connect it to your router or modem and set it up as per the Firewalla app’s instructions on your Android or iOS

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