Scary! 77-foot Asteroid heading towards Earth today, says NASA


Asteroid 2022 SR1 will make a near move to Earth now. It is travelling at a pace of 6 km for each next.

A large aeroplane-sized house rock dubbed Asteroid 2022 SR1 is heading for Earth and will arrive incredibly shut nowadays, on September 29, 2022. The house rock was some 4.64 million kilometres, equivalent to .02 astronomical units away from earth. And as a result, it is near sufficient for astronomers to research the asteroid applying radar. According to knowledge from the Center for In close proximity to Earth Item Scientific studies at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the flyby

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Dell XPS laptops and desktops got HUGE discounts today


Few names are synonymous with PCs quite like Dell, which is why we always get pumped when we see desktop computer deals and laptop deals from this computer giant. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your gaming setup or work-from-home station, or if you’re heading back to school and need a new laptop, Dell has got you covered. Right now, Dell XPS desktops and laptops are deeply discounted, so don’t miss your chance to get a new PC at a lower price.

XPS 13 Touch Laptop — $1,050, was $1,600

Dell XPS 13 2022 with open view and beautiful onscreen visuals.

Of all of the Dell laptop deals we’ve seen lately, one

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Rogers executives to face hearing on massive network outage today


Rogers executives on Monday walked MPs through the chaos that unfolded earlier this month when what they called a “truly unprecedented incident” took down the “brain” of the company’s network.

The company’s new chief technology officer, Ron McKenzie, said it was a coding error that triggered the widespread network failure that knocked out service for millions of Canadians for more than 15 hours and left many customers unable to reach 911.

“(It) essentially (affected) the core of the network, the brain of the network, that supports all wireless, wireline, internal communications and connectivity,” McKenzie said. “It was a complete loss

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Tech News Today for Financial Advisors: Google Splits, IBM Reports


This year Silicon Valley has certainly lost its groove. Many of the growth companies have suffered massive drops in their stock prices. The industry has also seen an uptick in layoffs.  

By bringing down the stock prices, splits like Google’s on Monday, may generate more interest from retail investors.

Photo Illustration by Barron’s Advisor; Dreamstime (2)

But maybe things have become too negative? During the past few weeks, tech has pulled off a decent rally. Even the beleaguered
(ARKK) has posted a 13% gain since the start of July.

It’s impossible to tell if this will last. Second quarter earnings,

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Budget-Friendly Laptop Alert: Grab This Asus PC for Just $130 Today ($120 Off)


When it comes to shopping for a new computer, Chromebooks are about as affordable as you can get. However, the Chrome operating system they use can be pretty limiting, especially for anything other than web-based tasks. Fortunately, there are full-sized laptops out there that feature similar specs and prices, like this 14-inch Asus model. Today only at Best Buy, you can pick it up for just $130, which is $120 off the usual price. This deal is only available until 9:59 p.m. PT (12:59 a.m. ET), so be sure to get your order in before then.

While this Asus

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Tech News Today for Financial Advisors: Amazon, Meta, and, of Course, Twitter


The rebranding of Facebook to Meta continues with a new ticker taking effect on Thursday.

Photo Illustration by Staff; Bloomberg; Dreamstime

The wrenching volatility continues in the wild tech space. After a plunge in the

Invesco QQQ Trust

(QQQ) on Friday, there was a solid 2% gain in early trading Monday. But unfortunately, the gain has fizzled.

Nowadays the tech market seems more for quick-action traders. As for long-term investors, you really need a strong stomach.

OK then, what’s some of the news for financial advisors to key in on? Here’s a look:

Amazon Split: It’s been an uncharacteristically

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