What’s that bag of white stuff? Some Uber drivers worry they’re drug mules


A bag of white stuff. A cigar box wrapped tightly in duct tape. A bottle of products labeled as a prescription amphetamine. 

Drivers for Uber’s courier assistance really don’t normally know what’s within the suspicious-searching deals that people talk to them to produce — but some know they do not want to be a component of it. 

NBC Information spoke to 6 drivers from all around the U.S. and Australia who reported they are concerned they’re staying applied as unwitting “drug mules,” ferrying across city what they believe that may perhaps be narcotics while undertaking do the job for Uber

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5 Reasons White Labeling Is a Great Digital Marketing Strategy


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Business growing pains — it’s one of those problems many entrepreneurs love. However, being stretched too thin by a growing client list creates management issues and can quickly become a massive strain on your existing staff.

You’ve probably already pruned a few problematic clients to help alleviate the burden on your business. But no entrepreneur likes to turn away business.

One solution could be to hire more staff to keep up with the growing demands of your business. However, there are some issues with this approach.

First, hiring more employees means hiring

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