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When shopping for a new phone, you can’t go wrong with many of the flagship smartphones released in 2022 and 2023 so far, but the best phone for you will depend on your budget and priorities.

In this guide, we’ve selected the absolute best phones we’d recommend to the vast majority of people, along with specific picks according to criteria like battery life, camera quality, budget value, and foldable form factors. 

Despite the impending release of the iPhone 15 generation, the iPhone 14 is our top overall pick for now while we review the new models, as it offers the best available balance of performance, features, and price for most people. Our top pick for Android phones is Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Plus, a truly excellent device that will satisfy the widest range of Android users.

Our top picks for the best phones

Best phone overall: iPhone 14 – See at Best Buy
Ahead of the iPhone 15’s release, Apple’s iPhone 14 offers an exceptional mix of battery life, performance, camera quality, and price that makes it the best overall option currently.

Best Android phone: Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus – See at Amazon
The Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus excels at everything, and it’s the Android user’s best choice for its stellar high-end features and performance at a great price.

Best budget iPhone: iPhone SE (2022) – See at Best Buy
The third-generation iPhone SE is the least expensive iPhone you can buy, but it offers performance on par with the iPhone 14.

Best budget Android phone: Google Pixel 7a – See at Amazon
The Pixel 7a’s price is on the high end for a budget pick, but its 90Hz screen and flagship processor make it the best option where value is concerned.

Best camera phone: Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra – See at Best Buy
The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra’s four-lens camera is the most versatile camera system with its 10x optical zoom and excellent photo and video quality.

Best battery life: iPhone 14 Plus – See at Best Buy
Apple’s iPhone 14 Plus obtained the best record in our battery test when it was released in 2022, and it has yet to be beaten.

Best foldable phone: Google Pixel Fold – See at Amazon
The Pixel Fold tops out other foldables thanks to the familiar shape of its external display, which makes it the best available phone and tablet hybrid.

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